We hired Derby and Tyler to remove some furniture from the house and to remove furniture, appliances, a cabinet, sink, and toilet in the room over the garage--items left by the prior owner. The job kept growing because we had old kerosene barrels, mulching containers, yard debris and othe items left in the garage, etc. Derby and Tyler ended up making three trips to remove items. We had an old steel spring mattress that had to be cut and taken apart to avoid damaging walls. Derby also recommended not getting rid of some large sheets of plywood in the attic roof rafters. Instead
he suggested they be arranged to provide storage platforms. We liked that idea. Finally the team was also able to cut old kerosene barrels in half, removed any kerosene residue, and removed those for us. They also removed large amounts of yard debris which we were planning to remove but had not gotten around to it. Derbys'Junk Removal offers a special service with great customer service. We're glad we found them. We plan to use them again and we wholeheartedly recommend them!

Donna Pike